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Computer Zen SPECIAL OFFER! End of Financial Year Deals

End of financial year is almost here. We have some great deals that we thought you should know about! The following packages are a range of special offers that we are ONLY offering to existing customers of Computer Zen. This is our way of saying thanks for supporting us with your business.

Take a look over the offers below, pick out the one you're interested in, and either give us a call on 1300 266 936, or email us using the enquiry form. We look forward to working with you again.

Please note - these offers run until 30th June 2014 so be sure not to miss out!
All prices exclude gst.


SPECIAL OFFER #1. Speed up my System

Normal price - $159 YOUR PRICE - $130   *additional systems add $79 each

Is your Computer or Laptop running slowly? Is your Mac or PC taking forever to load? How about your internet, are you still waiting for that website to launch? If you answered yes to any of these, then our Speed up my System package is just what you need! The Speed up my system package was designed for clients who need their systems running fast!

What's included -

  • We’ll inspect your system’s current software and hardware. If your Ram needs upgrading we can do that onsite as we carry the parts with us.
  • We shall inspect your start up programs and will remove or uninstall any redundant items to help speed up your system loading time.
  • We perform a quick virus scan to check for any Malware or virus threats. If viruses / malware are found we will speak with you and advise you of your options on removal.
  • We run a 3rd party defrag program that is one of the best going and it is also free. After your speed up service, your system will be running much faster and smoother making you feel pleased that you called Computer Zen.


SPECIAL OFFER #2. Virus Remove and Protect

Normal price - $179 YOUR PRICE - $149   *additional systems add $89 each

This package is suitable for both business and home users that want to ensure that their systems are protected against online scams and virus threats.  This is a comprehensive package designed to remove existing threats and keep your systems safe online.

What's included -

  • Prompt onsite visitation by one of our friendly qualified technicians
  • A review of your system and any reported problems
  • Your Anti-Virus software is reviewed and tested
  • If no AV program is present we have software that’s the best on the market
  • We remove any viruses, spyware or other threats were possible
  • Restore your system functionality
  • Check that your wifi internet is secure and protected from hackers
  • Give your system a clean bill of health from viruses and infections


SPECIAL OFFER #3 – Premium Care Package

Normal price - $280 YOUR PRICE - $199   *additional systems add $99 each

We provide the total care package to people who are looking for a comprehensive health check of their computer systems. In this package you get it all! We not only check for virus and speed up your systems, we also test and configure your backups to ensure your valuable data is protected. We also offer you free advice on your current IT needs. This really is the Godzilla of all health checks!

What's included -

  • Our Premium Virus Removal and Protect package
  • Our Speed up my system package
  • Secure backup service
  • If you do not have a backup system we can provide you with a reliable one
  • We will test the backup can be restored in the event of hardware failure
  • Advice on cloud backup if clients interested in online backup solutions
  • Professional IT advice on how to improve processes tasks using latest technology
  • Fix minor system errors giving you real  value for money


SPECIAL OFFER #4 – Ultimate 365 Support Plan

Contact us to talk about a plan that is right for you on 1300 266 936 or Email us

We understand the downtime that IT problems can cause to your business or home.  They are frustrating and cost your money when things don’t work. That’s why we developed our Ultimate 365 support plans! We monitor your systems remotely and perform scheduled monthly maintenance to ensure that they are running at 100%. In the event of a disaster Computer Zen will be there to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly with minimal downtime.

What's included -

  • We will perform an initial onsite visit to review your current system devices. From here we will provide you with a detailed report on your system along with any suggestions to help strengthen or improve it efficiency.
  • We will review your current system security, checking your antivirus / security software is valid and up to date and protecting you against the latest online security threats and spyware
  • We will speak to you about at your current office processes and can make recommendations on how to maximize and improve them using the latest IT technology IE: Cloud computing / CRM software / Email solutions / Tablets / Phones
  • We will also inspect any general system issues that may be occurring such as software or hardware problems and provide a solution to resolve them quickly
  • We will optimise your systems to make sure that they are running efficiently as possible
  • We provide you with scheduled monthly maintenance usually performed on the start of each month for the duration of the agreement.
  • A monthly report which is emailed to you with the results of the scheduled maintenance
  • Customisable response times so you can count on us to be there always!

Sounds Great! How do I get started?

Contact us on 1300 266 936 and speak to our friendly staff about our Ultimate 365 Support plans we are always happy to assist you. Or Email Us here