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Computer Zen's End of Financial Year Deals

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Computer Zen's End of Financial Year Deals

It's nearing the End of the 2015 Financial year and what better way to close it off with some great deals?  The following packages are a range of special offers that we are ONLY offering to existing customers of Computer Zen.

Take a look over the offers below, pick out the one you're interested in, and either give us a call on 1300 266 936, or email us using the enquiry form.

Please note - these offers will only run until 30th June 2015 so be sure not to miss out!
*All prices exclude gst.

SPECIAL OFFER #1. Speed up my slow Computer

Normal price - $159 YOUR PRICE - $99   *additional systems add $69 each

Is your Computer or Laptop running slowly? Is your Mac or PC taking forever to load? How about your internet, are you still waiting for that website to launch? If you answered yes to any of these, then our Speed up my Computer package is just what you need! The Speed up my Computer package was designed for clients who need their computers running fast!

What's included -

  • We’ll inspect your system’s current software and hardware. If your Ram needs upgrading we can do that onsite as we carry the parts with us.
  • We shall inspect your start up programs and will remove or uninstall any redundant items to help speed up your system loading time.
  • We perform a virus scan to check for any Malware or virus threats. If viruses / malware are found we will speak with you and advise you of your options on removal.
  • We run a 3rd party defrag program that is one of the best going and it is also free. After your speed up service, your system will be running much faster and smoother making you feel pleased that you called Computer Zen.

Fast Computer Keyboard picture

Speed up your System!

SPECIAL OFFER #2 – The Ultimate Computer Recharge Package!

Normal price - $210 YOUR PRICE - $129   *additional systems add $88 each

The Ultimate spring clean  package is for our clients looking for a comprehensive health check of their computer systems. In this package you get it all! We not only check for virus and speed up your systems, we also test and configure your backups to ensure your valuable data is protected. This package saves you big $$$ as you get both our speed up my system package and our Protect my Computer from Hackers / Viruses package in one. This really is the mother of all health checks!

What's included -

  • Our Premium Virus Removal and Protect service - Gets rid of all viruses
  • Our Speed up my system package - Speeds up a slow computer
  • Secure backup service - Ensure your backups work 100%
  • If you do not have a backup system we can provide you with a reliable one
  • Professional IT advice on how to improve processes tasks using latest technology
  • Fix minor system errors giving you real  value for money


SPECIAL OFFER #3 - New Zen Computer Package - Why not treat yourself to a new Computer?

Normal price - $899  YOUR PRICE - $799 

Tired of that old slow pc at your home or office? Why do yourself a favour and treat yourself to a new Zen Computer Package? These systems are superb value for this price and are perfect for home and office users to get all the things you need done fast. Don't put up with an old Computer anymore! Check your emails /Write documents/ Browse the Internet / Skype your family and friends with a fast new system that you will absolutely love!

woman cheering at computer

Another satisfied customer with their new Computer


What's included -

  • A Brand new HP Pavilion Desktop with the following:
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
  • Powerful Intel I3 Intel CPU
  • 4 Gig of Fast DDR3 Ram
  • 500 Gig Hardrive to store your files
  • Onboard Sound and Graphics Card
  • 3 Years onsite HP Warranty
  • We will deliver the system to your door
  • Systems can by Upgraded to faster specs if required please call us



What's not included -

  • Computer monitor / keyboard / mouse is not included -
    To add a monitor and keyboard please call us on   1300 266 936 and advise us when ordering your system.
  • Setup of the Computer - Any initial setup of the system inc data copy, email configuration etc will be charged at our normal hourly rate.


Sounds Great! How do I get started?

Contact us on 1300 266 936 and speak to our friendly staff about on of our awesome packages and we can get you started. Or Email Us here