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Dangerous New Cryptolocker Virus

Dangerous New Cryptolocker Virus

This month we have had a few clients come to us with their machines infected with a malicious virus known as a Cryptovirus. In my 14 years as an IT professional have i ever seen such a damaging computer virus as this.

Cryptolocker Virus Threat

What is a Cryptolocker virus?

A Cryptolocker virus is a malicious virus that upon infecting your computer, encrypts all of your data with a unbreakable code, rendering your data useless. Quite often the virus creator will demand a ransom to be paid ranging from $300 to $5000 which upon payment allows you to u retrieve your data.

Many Crypto viruses are not able to be broken due to the complex encryption involved. If a computer user gets this virus, you will in most cases end up paying to get their data back.

Considering how valuable your data is, are you treating it with respect? Do you have a regular data back-up schedule, or do you sometimes put it off when it becomes too busy? Many small businesses do the latter, paying the price later when a virus threat or some other issue causes a data loss.

How does the Cryptolocker Virus Work?

  1. The virus comes into your machine usually via an email disguised as being from either federal or Australia post saying you have a package
  2. When the user opens the link in the email it redirects them to a hacking website which then quickly infects your computer
  3. After infection, all of your photos, documents and data will become encrypted meaning they are unusable with the unlock password
  4. The user then is advised they must pay a sum of $600 aud to the hackers to unlock their data or forever lose it. If you do not pay with 72 hours the ransome doubles to $1200
  • Viruses and security threats: Even with the most advanced anti-virus protection, new and powerful viruses can enter your system. Some can wipe out your data completely; some prevent access to your files. Keeping back-up copies of your data, separate from your computer system ensures that you can continue running your business while the virus is being removed.

My computer is infected with the Cryptolocker virus what can i do?

The first thing to do is to make a note of the timer countdown on your screen. It will give you normally 72 hours from the time you machine first becomes infected to pay the ransom. Now turn off your machine immediately, the longer it is left on the more time the virus has to get your data. Call Computer Zen on 1300 266 936 and we can help you in a jiffy.

What is the best anti virus software i can get?

At Computer Zen, we’ve tried a large variety of antivirus software over the years with some ranging from fantastic and others to just downright average. When our clients ask us “whats the best protection we can get for my home or business systems” To that we reply the award winning Webroot Secure Antivirus

Webroot has been protecting many of our home and small business clients machines for over 3 years now. Over that time we found that we have not had a single client calling us back with any new virus problems since switching to Webroot

Now it is fair to say that no antivirus software can be 100% effective against every emerging threat. But from what we have seen personally are our clients since switching to Webroot not calling us to report any new virus problems. This in itself proves to us that it is a solid piece of software that we trust to protect your system from nasty viruses and threats

Can you help supply and install Antivirus software for me?

As resellers of Webroot Secure AV we can quickly install and configure your system to get your protected fast. If you are interested in purchasing Webroot to protect your home or business computers apple macs and laptop, please contact us on 1300 266 936 and we can take care of everything for you


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